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Meet David Obegi, a young man with ambitious dreams. Dreams that are now turning into reality. It all started at the age of 15 when this young canadian discovered his love for entertainment. As he casually started posting cover videos on Youtube, he gained instant success, attracting over 1 500 subscribers and 2 000 000 views in little under a year. David realized that he not only had a knack for music production, but also a great ability to entertain and attract fans. This led him to the next steppingstone in his blossoming career. He started small, getting gigs as a Dj for churches, sweet 16’s, and school parties. But his ambition, perseverance, and unique approach would not let him stop there. David needed more. He started throwing large-scare parties catering to the musical needs of over a thousand fans. Using his emerging fan base, his large social network, and his ability to provide genuine “eargasms” David produced, organized, sold, and Dj’d his next 5 events with great success. All while pursuing his entrepreneurial goals, he also performed at other events similar to his, winning over 1 fan at a time with his charisma, charm, and love for entertainment. On March 2011, he decided to produce his first single “Another Day” with singer Benny Adams. It was an instant hit, claiming the #1 spot for Best Canadian Song on Youtube in under a week. The word spread and soon David was performing alongside great artists such as himself all over the country, representing his city Montreal. On may 27th, David Obegi performed his single “Another Day” Feat. Benny Adams in his hometown. Their performance catered to a crowd of 10,000 fans at the local Six Flags Attraction Parc “La Ronde”. The main event, called “Adrenaline”, was a huge success. Follow David in his new developments. Become a fan of David Obegi and join him in his race to the top!